Romantic Sights Budapest: Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is on our top list of romantic Budapest attractions, a fascinating lookout tower, or rather series of towers with lovely balconies built atop the Buda Castle Hill in the 19th century.

Romantic Budapest Attractions Fishermans Bastion

Romantic Fisherman’s Bastion – Christopher Schoenbohm Photography

The Fisherman’s Bastion (Halaszbastya in Hungarian) was built to provide an opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking views over the city, the Pest side majestic sights, like the Hungarian Parliament, the St Stephen’s Basilica, the Gresham Palace (now Four Seasons Hotel Budapest), the historical bridges, etc. Standing at the Fisherman’s Bastion feels like stepping into a fairy land: down the river with its gems, and you holding this moment together for a lifetime. A perfect place to feel that love is eternal.

The Fisherman’s Bastion has seen many proposals and weddings (it is right next to the charming Matthias Church), must have silently witnessed millions of kisses and cuddles since 1902, when it was opened as a jewel of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Best Time to Visit Fisherman’s Bastion

When is it the best time to visit the Fisherman’s Bastion to get some privacy with your Other half?

Definitely after sunset, and possibly after 8 pm. The Fisherman’s Bastion is rarely completely deserted (unless you go at the wee hours, like 2 am), but there are so many turrets and towers, balconies and stairs, that you will easily find a quiet spot for you.

As for months or seasons, the Fisherman’s Bastion can be visited any time, from January to December. No public holidays in Hungary can upset your plan to visit the Fisherman’s Bastion, as it is open all year round.

Fisherman’s Bastion Cafe and Restaurant

Fishermans Bastion by Night

Fishermans Bastion by Night – Moyan Brenn Photography

Some section of the Fisherman’s Bastion is rented for a cafe and a restaurant (Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant or Halaszbastya Etterem). As it is a prime location, and the restaurant is a fine dining place, its prices on the menu are quite steep (and ordering more drinks will boost your bill significantly). But it is good to get a few drinks, e.g. a mulled wine under the heated lamps of the terrace if your are visiting Budapest at Christmas.

Alternatively, if you are visiting Budapest on a budget romantic getaway, you can bring your own wine or champagne and enjoy it together with one of the most beautiful city vistas in the world. Do not forget to take your camera with you (or an extra SIM card), as it is a perfect place to take photos of the panorama and the two of you. Simple digital cameras will not get the best photos in night conditions, so you may wish to get a more professional camera for perfect night shots.

Romantic Fishermans Bastion Budapest

Romantic Fishermans Bastion – Benedetto Conte Photography

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