Romantic Attractions Budapest

Budapest is full of romantic attractions, here are some of the must see sights you wish to visit on your romantic getaway in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest Romantic Night Panorama

Budapest Night Panorama – Lucas Swperman Photography

Budapest Romantic Attractions

Romantic Views – Attractions in Budapest

The best romantic views of the city of Budapest can be enjoyed from the Buda side, without a doubt. The Buda side of the city is built on a small hill, while the Pest side of Budapest is completely flat, so even its tallest buildings, like the 96 meter tall St Stephen’s Basilica cannot provide as perfect panoramic views as the Buda hills, namely the Buda Castle hill and the Gellert hill.

Both hills have their own fascinating lookout towers, and both are worth a visit, but it takes some more stamina and energy to get to the top of the Gellert Hill, while the Buda Castle hill is very well connected with other parts of the city.

Fisherman’s Bastion on Buda Castle Hill

Fishermans Bastion by Night

Fishermans Bastion by Night – Laura Aerismaud Photography

The Fisherman’s Bastion on the Buda Castle hill is the most popular lookout towers in the city. It looks like a polished castle wall, fancy and fairy tale like. Indeed, the century old lookout tower has never been an actual fortification. It was designed in 1895 to be a lovely lookout tower and Budapest attraction from the start. Previous fortifications were bombed, and exploded in the numerous sieges of the Buda Castle (Hungarian, Austrians, Turks, Nazis battled for the utmost strategic point in Budapest, the Buda Castle).

It is easy to approach the Fisherman’s Bastion: you can take the more comfortable and high heel friendly 10 min bus ride (or taxi) to the top of the hill, get on the historical Funicular Railway (a lovely cable car), or a 15 min climb along the slopes. The Fisherman’s Bastion is also a magnet as there are several more noteworthy sights surrounding this lovely ‘fortification’ built in the 19th century.

Citadel on Gellert Hill

Another option to see the panorama of Budapest is to get to the Citadel, which is on top of the Gellert Hill, next to the Buda Castle Hill. The best views are not necessarily from the Citadel, but in its vicinity, so you can even take a seat on top of Gellert Hill and have a picnic with your Love.

The Citadel itself is not a very romantic attraction, as it is an actual fortification (with a small WW2 exhibition inside, and artillery outside), but the Gellert Hill is romantic, and the views are spectacular after sunset! The Gellert hilltop can be reached on foot (uphill climb of about 15 min), by bus (20 min bus ride then 5 min walk), or by taxi (order a taxi by phone, never sit in a taxi on the street).

The Citadel by Bus

Citadel on Gellert Hill Budapest

Citadel on Gellert Hill Budapest – Daniel Edwins Photography

The Citadel in Budapest, unlike the Fisherman’s Bastion, is a bit harder to get to, as there is no direct bus going there. The only bus that goes to the top of the Gellert Hill leaves from Moricz Zsigmond korter Square, a square which is slightly off the beaten track on the Buda side, about 5 min by tram or bus from the Liberty Bridge and Hotel Gellert.

The ride on the bus to the Gellert Hill top is a nice bus ride, in a green residential area of Budapest, which is one of the prime locations in the city (for owning a house / flat, that is). Take Bus 27 from Moricz Square. To get to Moricz Square, get on the streetcar 47 or 49 leaving from Deak Square, and stopping at Astoria, Kalvin Square (close to the National Museum), and also at the Budapest Great Market Hall, crossing the Liberty Bridge, stops by the Gellert Baths, then 5 more min and stops at Moricz Sq.

The Citadel on Foot

If you are a healthy person with an average physical strength and stamina, you can walk up the stairs built in the slopes of the Gellert Hill in about 15 min (25 min if you pause for photos, or to get some breath). It is a nice and quick uphill walk, lined by trees, shady in many parts, so it can be done even on warmer days without having to bear the sun beating down. But do bring your drinks and some snacks as the restaurant at the Citadel has limited opening hours.

Where is it best to start to go up the Gellert Hill to the top? We think the best is to start your climb near the Gellert Bath (a twin building with the Hotel Gellert). Before the climb, get some water to avoid dehydration, and some snacks, or a bottle of champagne or wine to toast by the sunset. We usually take a picnic basket, a blanket and out cameras as extras for a romantic picnic on Gellert Hill.

Romantic Castles – Attractions in Budapest

Buda Castle Budapest


Buda Castle Royal Palace Romantic Budapest

Buda Castle – Tunde Pecsvari Photography

Buda Castle is a historical building atop the Buda Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest, now home of the Hungarian National Art Gallery and other museums.

There are several romantic sights to visit in the Buda Castle Quarter, and the castle itself is overlooking the river Danube, the cruise ships, the riverside gems of attractions (Budapest Parliament building, the historical bridges, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Liberty Bridge), churches, and residential buildings, the Gresham Palace, the National Theater, etc.).

The romantic castle and its neighborhood is part of the World Heritage on the list of the UNESCO.

Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest

Vajdahunyad Castle is a nice castle in the City Park of Budapest, right beside the lake / skating rink (boating lake in summer, skating rink in winter). The castle courtyard is lovely, the interior of the castle is nice as a building, but the exhibits inside are bizarre rather than romantic. Since the 1890s, the Vajdahunyad Castle is the home of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum, which displays lots of agricultural machines, stuffed animals, hundreds of antlers, tools of the old peasant lifestyle and more farming history in Hungary.
It is still a romantic castle to visit and walk around, and the Vajdahunyad Castle festivals make it a nice attraction for many couples: there are lots of summer concerts at the castle, and in winter you can visit the lovely Vajdahunyad Castle Christmas market here.

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